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I lay with my eyes shut tight, crying silently while Phil held Simon by the hips and pushed him into me, brutally, shouting "Ram, ram, ram" and laughing.

I was 14 when I was gang raped

I could not believe it.

Porn stars who left the biz: Where are they now?

You can report suspicious trafficking activity and get help by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1.

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There are different types of power and sometimes a woman doesn't even need to be held down.

I Was 17 When My Boyfriend Sold Me for Sex

They made sure I understood what it really meant to share some of my experience with the entire country.

Interracial Love Movies/Movies Featuring Interracial Relationships

I have dealt with my disgusting secret without therapy or help of any kind, other than the endless support of my husband and family.

Thugs, 18, ‘filmed gang

Traci Lords She broke the law when she broke into the adult business.

Teen girl filmed having sex with 2 dozen football players in school bathroom

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Watch: A Teenage Girl Becomes a Prostitute in Trailer for François Ozon ‘Young & Beautiful’

Whenever I asked her when we were going back to our own hotel, she just reassured me like everything was fine and totally normal.

Watch: A Teenage Girl Becomes a Prostitute in Trailer for François Ozon ‘Young & Beautiful’

I know firsthand the trauma, stigma, and humiliation that comes with sexual violence and trafficking.

I Was 17 When My Boyfriend Sold Me for Sex

But to me, a 14-year-old girl, only 4ft 11in tall, with very limited experience of the world, they were glamour personified.